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Thistle Bond It

Thistle Bond It 10L

ThistleBond-it is a high performance plaster bonding agent specially formulated for use on smooth and/or low suction backgrounds.

ThistleBond-it provides a mechanical key by means of coarse aggregate particles.  It is used in one coat only and allowed to dry before plastering.  Preferred means of application is by roller. 
ThistleBond-it is coloured light green to allow for easy identification of backgrounds to which it has been applied.  Typically, once the ThistleBond-it has dried, Gyproc Bonding Coat plaster of 10mm thickness is applied and then finished with 2mm of Gyproc Skimcoat or Gyproc Carlite Finish plaster.  If the surface flatness allows it, Gyproc Finish Plasters can be directly applied to ThistleBond-it. 
ThistleBond-it comes in 10Lt tubs and covers approximately 45m2 per tub.

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