A393 & A252 Reinforcing Mesh

A393 & A252 Reinforcing Mesh

We understand that reinforced concrete is only as strong as the steel mesh that is used to reinforce it. That's why we maintain high stock levels of all steel reinforcement mesh, so that our customers can be confident that their projects will be built with only the highest quality materials.

These steel reinforced concrete meshes come in two gauges - 10mm and 8mm - and sheet sizes of 4.8M x 2.4M.

They are used to reinforce concrete structures, providing added strength and stability. The steel mesh helps to distribute loads evenly, preventing cracking and collapse.

In addition, the steel reinforcement increases the fire resistance of the concrete, making it an ideal choice for buildings in high-risk areas.

With a wide range of applications, these steel reinforced concrete meshes are an essential part of any construction project.